If you don’t have kids and you haven’t heard about Tom and Friends, you are excused because I didn’t either. I have a stepson who at age 10 spends copious amounts of time both outside and on YouTube, and I am certain he has run into Tom and one of his friends on multiple occasions. I’ll be surprised if he hasn’t.
All you need to do to familiarize yourself with Tom and his many friends, is just browse either YouTube, the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and you’ll find tons of content about Talking Tom. As of January 2017, Tom and Friends and all their games have been downloaded a staggering 6 billion times. On the Google Play Store, there are over 15 games in all starring Tom or his friends Ben, Angela, Pierre, Ginger and Hank and there are many videos of Talking Tom on YouTube.

15 games? Isn’t that a lot? Sure, it is, but if you have a platform of loveable characters to use, why wouldn’t you? Variety within a brand is never a bad thing, and kids love Talking Tom and the adventures he goes on. The games range from educational to light and fun and could help teach your kids about pet care, friendship and exploring. You can even talk to Tom and his friends and have them say words back to you!
Cross-platform branding hasn’t hurt Outfit7 either, the developer of Talking Tom. You can access YouTube videos from within the games themselves which brings the cross-platform concept together quite nicely. You can make in-app purchases, but the great thing is that these microtransactions aren’t necessary to further the storyline or pass levels. Outfit7 gives you the option of customizing the game to improve customer retention and excitement. They also give you an option to record in-app messages to friends and send them out, which is a cute and nifty feature to stay in touch with friends!
I think the key to Outfit7’s success in the app market is about more than just content or creating one funny character and a cast around him or her; it’s about creating a setting that appeals to kids and adults alike so both can positively relate to your app. It’s about branding and creating a steady platform so you can spread out further with great content. It’s about immersing children in an experience that is fun, friendly and educational. It’s about creating challenges and rewards that will keep the audience coming back even if they have plenty of other games to choose from.

Outfit7 has successfully created a cross-platform business model with several million views on YouTube and several billion downloads on the app stores combine to make a powerful statement: know what you are going for, know your target audience, know what creates buzz and excitement regarding your product and know the best marketing strategies to market your product appropriately.
Looks like Outfit7 did their homework.

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