Mobile apps are the new gold mine phenomenon. Recently with the proliferation of iOS and Android applications we see the enthusiasm of people to create mobile applications.
The creators are global. Think Vietnam or Israel. Think about yoaning and ifarting and Ferrari not the chocolate.

But what strategy to choose to make money? How can we explain the triumph stories in money making mobile apps?
Read the following success stories or watch the video to understand this phenomenon.

iFart – millions of farts downloaded

Released in 2008 by Infomedia iFart was used or discussed by celebrities including David Duchovney and Demi Moore. The mobile app made estimated 2 million dollars. 3 star rating on the iOS App Store. Apparently the farts are not loud enough.

Yo – successful yo moneymaking story

Record yourself saying YO and send it to your friends and family. Simple as that. The app is valued at $5 – $10 million dollars. Yo has been downloaded over 3 million times and over 100 million Yo’s were sent in one day since it’s release in April 2014. 

Flick Football – Kiwi success story

Nearly 27K ratings on the app store and impressive 4 and half star rating. The mobile app costs £1.49 on the app store and according to iphone qualityindex the app was downloaded 1 million times in just shy of a year. Android users can download the app for free.

Bubble Free – We could not locate this money making app

Bubble Free is one of the simplest mobile apps that appeals to
universal addiction of popping bubble wrap with just the touch of a finger. User can pop bubble wrap with the same pop an explosion and experience real-life bubble wrap. the app is free, downloaded 12 million times and has made millions of dollars in ad revenue.

Fat Booth making fat mobile apps or faces?

The application Fat Booth it’s a success story which is makes you look fat. Anyone can upload any photo of himself or a friend to see what they would look like with more weight on them. This revolutionary money making idea, in a world where everyone is obsessed with his weight, made over 24 million dollars with 35 000 downloads.

Draw Something – successful moneymaker from OMG pop

Draw something is a mobile application created by the company OMG pop, recently acquired by zynga.
Its success story is due to its creators who have found their inspiration in primary school. Children draw and their moms attach their works on the refrigerator. This application offers its users to draw on their phone and share their pictures on social networks. This money making mobile apps has raised over $ 200 million. Moreover, the game is a free version with advertisements between games.

Flappy Birds millions and sudden end of the success story

Flappy Bird was a mobile application but it does not exist anymore. This success story application was quickly reached fifty thousand dollars a day and advertising revenue. Unfortunately it was removed due to excessive addiction it generated among its users. Although the game was simple (flying bird must avoid obstacles and pipes on its way), rumors have questioned the money making strategy used by the creator when you see the money raised in one day.

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