Sitting in a small cabin in your office, you have teleported yourself into an alternative reality. A sudden knock on the desk wakes you up from your day dreaming. This could easily have been ignored as a lie but not anymore. Technology has done wonders and the concepts of alternative reality are becoming concrete with all sorts of evidence. Initially it all kicked in with the inception of robotics and internet. Now every household has enough knowledge of artificial intelligence, virtual businesses and second life. For those still unacquainted with the basics of it are into our focus today. Virtual Reality is a technology that has given birth to the famous second life. It is a computer technology, which integrates physical props and objects with, virtual and creates a new world. It is an artificially created environment on the internet.

Virtual reality is artificially and electronically simulated technology where you can generate an entire new world, a new entity and new dimension of living. People have been so accustomed to this ritual that they are slowly being absorbed by this and creating an alternative reality for themselves where they chose to interact in their self-created communities and avatars.

Augmented Reality is a view of real world through the lens of computer. Computer generated real life simulations act in front of you. The perfect example of it is the snap chat app. We use that every now and then for filters. What are those filters? They are basically the augmented reality. It detects your face and then places a tiara or puppy filter on you. It is the interaction and conjunction of the two worlds. It is the integration of our environment with digital information. It is the new life as we know it. This is different than virtual reality. Another to go example of it is Pokémon Go. That game generates real life visuals and you play along.

When the two overlap and form a third dimension, it is called the mixed reality. It is the merging of two mentioned above and producing a hybrid. In these environment physical and digital objects co exit but there is a thin line that defines it and differentiates it from virtual and augmented. It is the blend of technology. For example it was incorporated in Windows 10 operating system where it provided holographic experience for the users and head mounted displays.

Such is the direction we are leading towards. Let us give this electronic world another score or more to see what is new for us.

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