There are millions of apps on the Google Play Store.
There are millions of apps on the Google Play Store.

AppMachine application maker features Facebook login to get you started swiftly. Interesting feature we discovered was the ability submit URL of your choice and AppMachine will scan it for Images, Videos and RSS feed – those can be selected to compose your app. If your social media links are on your site those can be added too. The next step is to select skin for your app.

We managed to create an app from our web site in a matter of minutes. And it was fun too. Just not sure what would be use of such an app. The app is featuring all social logins but more importantly if your site has RSS feed the app maker will display all your blog posts. The other neat thing it will do is scraping all videos embedded on your site and display those. We had youtube videos embedded but I suspect vimeo would be displayed as well. You get a selection of skins you can use and modify and you are ready to go.

The app is build with building blocks. They are flexible and easy to modify. If you are an app developer, you can code your own block.

Pro version of the app has these extra features:

• Excel Import
• Connecting web services
• Adding JavaScript functionality
• Making your own re-usable Blue blocks.
• Prestashop

With the Excel upload you can upload list of your products which is handy for mCommerce.

You will also get analytics panel where you will see number of downloads and a map of where your users downloaded the application. Time in App is also measured, Popular Blocks and Page Views.

Here you can see how to quickly develop a mobile app with application maker:

And more advanced features of Layout editor are here:

Overall the AppMachine CMS is user friendly and we are pretty impressed with what can be achieved. The starter package is affordable; with the PRO version the app gets slightly more expensive. Of course compared to building custom app unless you are a coder with time on your hands you would likely end up paying much more. AppMachine offers bundle subscription with CMS with your own branding and 24/7 support. With their own caching mechanism mobile application by AppMachine are suppose to work even in the flight mode. At the same time a mechanism checking for new content is in place.

AppMachine apps are native. In principle native app is supposed to be faster then HTML5 apps and have more immediate access to your mobile device’s resources. Now they are not written in objective C for iOS and java for Android. They are progremmed in C sharp and .NET. The CMS behind AppMachine is their own and data are stored on the Cloud.

Do you fancy to make money with AppMachine? You can be a reseller and offer affordable apps to your contacts.

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