Creating an app everyone loves can make a big difference.
Creating an app everyone loves can make a big difference.

You could build the greatest app visually and technically, but that won’t mean anything if it doesn’t get good traction and several downloads in the app store. Many startups and developers don’t get much out of their app because they don’t market and distribute their creation well enough to their targeted audience.

How likely is my success?

Truth be told, the odds of hitting it big and finding a place at the top of the app store charts are extremely slim. However, that doesn’t mean a good amount of methodical thinking won’t improve your chances drastically. Some planning and practical knowledge can make all the difference.

Rahul Varshneya, a contributor at The Next Web, said he knows what makes the few successful apps rise above the rest. The fact that so few succeed should not impede on the aspiring developer’s ambitions; he said developers and creators should take advantage of this and see it as an opportunity instead.

What should I do to make my app popular?

The article suggests getting the word out is the best way for your app to have the exposure it deserves. There are millions of apps online, so it’s incredibly unlikely that someone is going to randomly happen upon your creation, download it and actually use it. If you were to calculate those odds, they’d be astronomically low, unfortunately.

As a developer (or whatever you do, in relation to the app) you need to focus on getting the press involved, and push out content marketing yourself. Write and publish your own content online, and curate content made by others related to the topic you’re working on. There’s a good chance someone is looking for what you’re putting online, and they may engage.

What’s the next step for my app?

When you have a decent distribution starting to form, the next step is to employ the feedback role, Varshneya said in the article. Pay attention to who is using the app and how, using data analytics tools. Data will tell you what you have to improve, and what’s working so you can focus on what’s relevant to make your app better. The more you fine-tune what your app’s about, the more retention and spread your craft is going to receive.

It’s okay if the later version of your app is drastically different from what you originally set out to produce, the article said. It’s a natural part of your product evolving, and will only help you grow as a marketer and developer.

All in all, what’s the takeaway?

In summary, the first thing you have to worry about is outreach. This is more than just buying advertisements, which can also be helpful. This means having a good web presence and building relationships with journalists and others in your field so you can take advantage of good press and word-of-mouth.

After your efforts in this area take effect, you can worry about making your app the best it can be. Listening to your audience’s feedback will be instrumental in making your app more user-friendly. You can make small, incremental changes as you reach out to more and more people.

So, am I ready to take over the charts now?

Although following these two basic guidelines does not guarantee a blockbuster success in the iOS or Android markets, it is certainly a good baseline to begin on. Many app developers experience several failures before seeing one of their creations take off, which is natural. Regardless, you won’t know if you don’t try, and trying with some good knowledge is the best way to go.


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