In recent years, the proliferation of mobile applications has inspired enthusiasm among people to develop applications for their iOS or Android devices. It’s a phenomenon that even reaches the youngest developers. Indeed, learning about these children and what they can accomplish is inspiring, and we can watch them combine a mastery of coding and innovation. To learn more about some of these young prodigies, look at the following videos :

Thomas Suarez, a 12 years old application developer

Thomas Suarez is a young 12-year-old teenager who created several mobile applications for the iPhone, including Earth Fortune, a fortune teller and Bustin Jieber, a whack-a-mole style game featuring Justin Bieber. He has noticed that more and more children want to not only play but also create applications. In this video, he advises the children to begin to discover and understand programming, find sources of inspiration and have some support to successfully complete their project. However, this young prodigy does not stop there ; he hopes in the future to create new applications and games for Android phones, and also develop other programs and services.

Charley Hutchison, a 12-year-old developer for Apple

Charley Hutchison is one of the younger developers at Apple. He created FriendsForFlickr, an application that is easy for following all his friends and see their pictures. This young teenager designer explains that he had to learn how to write computer code, or over 2000 lines of code! An application was submitted on the Apple Store to review and improve it.

Ethan Duggan, a 12-year-old developer who created «  Lazy Husband  App

Ethan Duggan, was only 13 years old when he launched his mobile application « LazyHusband ». His inspiration came from his mother when she was trying on outfits. He complimented his mother on purchases and then he decided to record these phrases. In that way, he had the idea to create this application for husbands to lead an easier life. He attended the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin (Texas) in order to launch his app. The success led him to expand a Lazy series with LazyWife and LazyKid, as well as develop new mobile applications, such as Bargument and PL8SEE.

Santiago Gonzalez, a 14 years old developer

Santiago Gonzalez, is a 14-year-old developer. He finished his master’s degree at seventeen, and he was a junior at the Colorado School of Mines. One of his passions is to program but he also loves to learn every time. He dreams in code and describes the best code as short and concise as poetry. He has already created 15 mobile applications, like the slide puzzle (complete the puzzle and also challenge your friends and interact with them to see who complete the puzzle fastest). He dreams in code and can come up with a solution to some of the bugs he comes across when he’s programming. This young teenager decided to create mobile applications to help people achieve something they wanted to do. He want to get a PhD in computer science at Stanford and work at Apple.

Nick D’Aloisio, a 17 year old mobile application developer for  Summly 

Nick D’Aloisio created this application called « Summly » when he was fifteen. He had some exams and had to do some research on Google. So he had the idea to make a mobile application which provides a summary of the content found on internet in order to decide what to read. Some celebrities (such as Ashton Kutcher) invested in his project because it was invented by a youth, which represents the new technology generation, but he mainly did so because it can change the way people consume content. His application had reached one million downloads in the first four months, and it attracted the attention of Yahoo, which bought it for 30 million dollars! Nick is currently a Yahoo employee.


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