Evernote: The App That Could Drastically Simplify Your Life And Make You Productive?

“Use Evernote as the place you put everything…don’t ask
which device it’s on – It’s on Evernote”
– The New York Times

Evernote is a unique cloud based service that allows you to sync notes between all your devices instantaneously.

With Evernote you can capture inspirational idea’s and moments on the go, so spontaneity needn’t be a problem, because where ever you are – Evernote is.

In fact, You Can Write Everything In Evernote:

Whether you’re a business or an individual, the app allows you to store all your files in one place, on all your devices, whether that be notes, reminders, text documents, images – you name it. It means you can offload important things that come to our mind in an instant, to a safe place as opposed to our minds that are unreliable with memory retention.

Head In The Cloud

The beautiful thing about Evernote is the fact it is a cloud based application. You could be anywhere and still be able to gain access to as many files as you like – depending on how much of your life you choose to sync to Evernote.

All you need is a device and a wifi or cellular connection, theoretically you could use a device that is not even your own – as all your files exist secure within the Evernote app. So you just need to log in to enjoy full access to all your vital files on the move.

Evernote Keeps You Calm

In essence the more important advantage is that you can use it to alleviate stressful workloads, healthily manage your work; thereby removing the burden of having over 100 thoughts in your head simultaneously, and not knowing where the hell that work presentation has gone, the one that happens to be the most important presentation in the world for you at the moment.

The further we look into what this app actually has to offer – the more and more benefits we have come to discover. It makes us realize how this app could potentially be a game changer for practicality and organization, universally its use can create a positive change for any human that owns a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Article by Tom Powell – senior writer @howtomobileapp

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