Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple way of collaboration between every department in your company?

If everyone –  i.e Marketers, Designers, Salespeople etc were all in the know about things – better still – all had shared knowledge of your company’s information…

That is probably the question you ask yourself, while still receiving notifications from an email thread that started last month. Or when the work whatsapp chat has 150 new messages regarding where the team should go out on the weekend – but this group chat was initially created for helping your work-flow for your business.

Since the team at Evernote decided that there app, that could be used for pretty much organizing everything , they also discovered that 2/3 of its 65 + billion users users actually used the app in an office environment, so it would only make sense to expand the apps use specifically for businesses – resulting in the formation of Evernote Business which costs $10 per month for each user.

Evernote business is essentially a digital whiteboard or space that an entire business can access, edit and instantaneously collaborate through. This means everything is out in the open and allows for in-app discussions, particular departments do not get ostracized and this level of shared knowledge can establish an overall awareness and benefit for a company’s general progress and direction.

The two main concepts the app revolves around are knowledge collection and knowledge discovery. Yet Evernote Business claims it can be whatever you want it to be – a document repository, a project management tool, and knowledge base; or even a digital home base for employees. The organizational nature of the app is particularly evident in its ability to consolidates all sorts of information scattered across multiple platforms, yet making it simple to find and view – because its ‘everything in one place’ concept.

Once you join Evernote Business, you can additionally use the features of Evernote, Evernote Premium and Evernote Business. The business account allows you 2GB of added personal content per month, as well as all employees receiving another 2GB each to share in their Business Notebooks – 4 time more space than Evernote Premium.

Using Business Notebooks is just like using your own personal note book, but for work. You can share notebooks with your employees for optimizing communication , and because they can be accessible to everyone this again brings a whole new level of openness to your company.

Business Library

The Business Library is essentially where it all happens, it is the main hub of Evernote and contains everything! When an employee shares a notebook it is automatically added to the Business Library.

When you’re browsing the Business Library and you come across a notebook you want to follow or be involved with, you can click on “join” and the notebook will be added to your ‘notebook list’. Evernote Admins can create a recommended list of notebooks which are seen to hold more importance and usefulness than perhaps unrecommended notes – which of course shows employees what notes they should prioritize, meaning they can manage their time spent observing and acting upon the note – depending on how important or urgent the note is.

Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge Discovery provides you with knowledge, without even having to search for it. The Search and Related Notes function are integrated within the Business Library, therefore if you searched in the Business Library for ‘market research’, you would be searching within the Business Notebooks that you have already joined. Meaning as you type, Related Notes from both your own and your shared business notebooks – will already appear on the bottom of the screen. And the more specific your text input is – the more contextually relevant your results will be.

Article by Tom Powell – senior writer @howtomobileapp


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