Life’s a game. Or at least, parts of it are, and you can argue it’s better that way. When we add a bit of participation and competition to our everyday lives, it can motivate us to stay focused and help us work better. Potential for success and rewards, no matter how small, give us the potential to better engage ourselves.

Many app designers realize how games can change the way we approach tasks, and they therefore apply this theory in the creation of their apps by using “gamification.”

How would you describe gamification?

What is gamification? Basically, it’s incorporating the elements commonly found in games (rewards systems, missions and tasks, for example) into a different area. This is a great technique that works in many industries, so why not give it a try with your app?

If your app is designed to supplement your business, improve productivity, or provide a service for the users, there’s a possibility to incorporate the elements of gamification. Essentially, there might be a way to do it regardless of what your app does. Some instances obviously make more sense than others, but if you feel like you can come up with a way to incorporate it, you’re probably right. And if the app you’re trying to sell to the public is actually a mobile gaming app, then, well…all the more reason to game on!

How can my mobile app use gamification?

How many ways are there to use gamification in an app? Think about how many games exist—you can be as creative as you’d like, or play it safe. In fact, if your app doesn’t have some semblance of a game in it, you probably aren’t designing anything interactive at all.

Play it safe and keep it simple like social media sites do. On websites like Facebook, you can react to other peoples’ posts, and follow people or add them as friends. LinkedIn lets you endorse connections for their skills. You might not think of it, but interacting with others in this way is actually a means of gamification. In order to prove you have influence in a digital atmosphere, more reactions to posts and an extended network can certainly help.

Are there other ways for my app to use this concept?

If your app wants to engage people better and you’re providing a service, there are many ways you can go about turning it into a game. You can start a sort of rewards program for your users. If they do something positive, like invite a certain number of people to register, or complete a task, you can reward them with a points system. You can give them freebies in real life as well, letting them “spend” the points on concrete goods or services.

You can also make your app more fun, setting goals and objectives for the users to meet and reach. Psychologically, your users will be more enticed to use your app if they feel like they’re accomplishing something on it. Positive reinforcement and feedback can go a long way!

No matter what you might think about gaming and games, taking the elements that make certain applications so addictive can be a great strategy for your mobile app. It’s an efficient and engaging way to make your audience even stronger.

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