Shifty Jelly is a successful app development company.
Shifty Jelly is a successful app development company.

Shifty Jelly is an Adelaide-based mobile development company known for its successful app: Pocket Casts, a premium podcast manager app. One of the most important things was to implement a best-in-class user experience on Android.

Moreover, this company used elements of the beautiful and fluid Material Design for different types of devices such, as smartphones, tablets, Android Wear, Android Auto and Chromecast.
Russell and Philip, two co-founders and developers at Shifty Jelly, explain how they have engaged themselves in the development of mobile applications. They wanted to enjoy opportunities open to them and launch their idea, which involved getting into mobile applications.

For two years, they have seen each other every day at work and in the evening they began to code. This has been worth it since they could start their own business. They have always wanted to develop mobile applications that they themselves wanted to use.

Their first application created is part of the question: what is the first brand new app we can bring out now that we are working on full time? Pocket Casts was therefore created. With this application, they have risen to the top spot and people have started using it around the country.

They placed one million dollars’ worth of Pocket Casts hours to put one app on one platform, but now more than 500,000 people use the application, which takes advantage of several innovations in the creation and execution of the app. The Android system allowed them to make updates and add new features, such as sport wear, Chromecast support, Android Auto, and a new design. Each of these changes paid off.
They found that all these changes have increased their sales by 30%.

Recently, they added multimedia sessions that allow users to have a consistent reading experience with the different mobile devices they might use.

One of the platforms they strongly preferred is the Android platform, where users log onto the platform and listen to their podcasts with a built-in forum, where everyone can share and discuss their listening experiences.

In short, Google has helped them a lot in their application development: a platform that is constantly improving its software and APIs. Their mobile app development strategy has helped them rise up in the industry.

Shifty Jelly is one of the many app design companies we can see in today’s landscape, and they have large amounts of technical expertise. One thing that makes them different, however, is that they don’t spend time making apps for client. Instead, they develop and work on their own ideas, releasing apps they want to make themselves. This makes sure that they are passionate about what they are developing.

To see more about the app, along with other projects Shifty Jelly has undertaken, feel free to visit They’re currently hiring a new staff member to work with them, so if you’re a seasoned developer looking for a job in Austrailia, you might be in luck!

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